Synergy Breastfeeding Clinic
Nurse Practitioner
Lactation  Consultant
Erica Kalke RN, MN, IBCLC

Nurse Practitioner-Specializing in Lactation/Breastfeeding

Erica is married and the mother of 2 adult sons and a new German Shepherd puppy, Tikka.
Board Certified Lactation Consultant since 1993
  • 25 years experience in NICU (10 of those years focused on breastfeeding compromised and preterm infants)
  • 5 years Healthy Beginnings Post Partum Program and Prenatal Class Instructor
  • Numerous speaking engagements
  • Performs tongue tie clippings (frenotomy)
  • Review paper on tongue ties published and cited in CPS
Erica has been providing full breastfeeding services for the past 5+ years at Synergy Women's Wellness Centre in Sherwood Park.
As a Nurse Practitioner, she can prescribe medications, order tests, and refer to other health care professionals. Her focus is being able to provide complete care and treatment (one-stop shop) in a nonjudgemental  environment and with lots of teaching.
Her goal is that you enjoy your baby, not deal with frustrations that are treatable.
Not Normal
Low or decreasing milk supply?
Using Nipple Shield? (not a good long-term solution in most cases)
Specializes in overcoming breastfeeding challenges!
  • 1-hour Initial Breastfeeding Assessment/Treatment $125.00
  •  Follow-Up - no charge
  • Tongue tie clipping  (at Initial breastfeeding Assessment or at a  follow-up visit  $50.00
  • Antenatal (prenatal) consult $50.00
Payment taken at time of booking.
24 business hours required for refund.

  1. As a new mom, I was overwhelmed, scared and anxious that my newborn would not latch. After numerous attempts from nursing staff, doctors and lactation nurses, we were able get in to see Erica and it turned out my son was tongue tied. Erica offered me the services that my son and I needed to finally be able to breastfeed. I felt understood, encouraged and hopeful. Without Erica's help I would have given up a lot sooner. She offers the complete package and her services are a necessity in our often difficult medical system.
  2. Erica is absolutely fantastic. I owe it to her that I am breastfeeding my son today. She is incredibly helpful, never judgemental, patient and smart. I can't thank her enough.
  3. Erica helped me out with my OBVIOUSLY tongue tied son when 3 other doctors told me nothing was wrong. She immediately preformed a frenectomy. I only wish I would have heard of her when he was first born and then I would not have had such problems breastfeeding and constant mastitis! You do not need a referral to see her. She was very approachable, a true teacher and took her time with me and my son. After the frenectomy, she continued to remain in the exam room with me to reteach me how to feed him now that his tongue could actually move. I recommend her to everyone.
  4. Erica is amazing, very knowledgeable and a highly skilled professional. I was quite desperate when we were advised to see a lactation consultant, Erica was like a breath of fresh air. She helped us solve many problems. I was still using the nipple shield at 3 months and after the visit it was gone for good. I highly recommend her as a specialist, you and your little one will not regret it!
  5. I went to see Erica when my little guy was about 3 months old. He was taking upwards of 1.5 hours for each breastfeeding session (and eating almost every 2 hours), so I was at the end of my rope. My session with Erica was laid back, not rushed, and I learned several things that I hadn't learned at the hospital. She weighed my son before and after his feeding so I knew he was getting enough. Immediately after visiting Erica, my breastfeeding sessions were cut in half and I also learned how to wean my son from the nipple shield. I'm glad I didn't give up on breastfeeding and I thank Erica for that!
  6. “It has been an absolutely amazing opportunity to work alongside Erica, with her extensive, science-based, medical knowledge base, and her compassionate approach to moms and babes in need of breastfeeding support. She adds an expertise to our team of medical professionals that cannot be found anywhere else, and I thoroughly trust the advice that she is giving to our patients. She is well known in the community as a provider of comprehensive breastfeeding support, and her approach is fully supported by our local physicians. The patients who see her rave about her, and it is a fantastic service that she provides to our local moms in need.” Dr. K. Anderson-Hill
Over 30 years experience in Maternal/Newborn Nursing
"I have always had a love of the newborn and have enjoyed my career in caring for the compromised infant  in the NICU, as well as the  healthy newborn and their mothers in many different capacities over the years. This breastfeeding clinic is a culmination of those experiences and has come with so much satisfaction as I see new moms start to understand, enjoy and be able to nourish their  little ones."